Visiting Ko Lanta in Thailand

The Thai islands are a favourite amongst travellers and is it any wonder why? Bright blue waters, white sand stretching for miles and the laid back lifestyle offer an irresistible pull that few can resist. After two months constantly on the move through Asia I was definitely ready to soak up the charm and lie on a beach doing absolutely nothing, preferably with a cocktail in hand.

With hundreds of islands, all looking equally stunning in photos, the first problem is which one? I spoke to many travellers throughout Asia all with differing opinions on which were a must see and which a no go. I decided on Ko Lanta, just south of Krabi. Within eyeshot of the party famous Phi Phi islands Ko Lanta offers an altogether more relaxed and cultural experience, perfect for a couple of much needed days of R&R.

IMG_6500 copy

After a short ferry ride from Krabi (and several sea sick pills later) we landed on Ko Lanta’s Saladan Pier where we were greeted by the familiar chaos of tuk tuk drivers, all offering to show us the very best the island had to offer at the very best prices.

It had long been my on my bucket list to wake up in a bamboo bungalow with a view of nothing but white sand, crystal clear waters and palm trees. And, for our fairly minimal budget we got, well, pretty close to that.. Every equally budget conscious traveller we spoke recommended the same place; Sanctuary. If you’re looking for a place to just lie back, relax and get lost in a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life then this is for you. Set back from the main road is a hidden oasis.

Small bamboo huts line the path as it winds its way down the to the ever enticing beach and miraculously calm sea. The huts have everything you need for a minimalistic stay. Each has their own porch equipped with a hammock, perfect for a post sunbathing nap. Stepping inside the huts you have all the basics, and by basics I mean a bed, mosquito net and a slightly dodgy plug… all lit up by the sun glistening through the bamboo walls. And just to add to the magic, step out the back door and you have yourself your own outdoor ensuite.


So what really made Koh Lanta stand out? The calmness. Once out of the terminal all the commotion simply evaporated and opened up to a world of serenity and smiles. All the worries and stresses just simply disappeared. From the picturesque huts and the sound of the birds in the trees to the simple stillness of the sea, it really is a place to put your feet up, relax and soak it all in.



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