The Journey to Laos

Fairytale landscapes and impossibly laid back pretty much sums up this beautiful country. Laos is the least visited and developed of its neighbouring countries; Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Whilst it’s slowly awakening to the world of tourism the country manages to remain somewhat oblivious to it, offering a special sort of authentic charm.

My journey into Laos started at the border town of Chiang Khong (Thailand). From here I spent the next two days floating down the Mekong River on a slow boat (‘slow’ being no exaggeration..). Dramatic cliffs, luscious jungle and the only hint of civilisation being the odd local farmer surely has to make the Mekong River one of the Worlds most scenic and unspoilt.

laos 2

laos 5

laos 1laos 6If the views don’t make up for the two days of travelling then the destination surely will. Luang Prabang is a favourite among visitors to Laos and you can clearly see why. The colonial architecture, laid back vibes and in my opinion one of the best night markets in Southeast Asia make it a standout. And then there’s the Kuang Si Falls which, in all honesty, make a trip to Laos worth it in itself.

laos 3

laos 4

Know before you go:
  • Visas are easy to obtain on arrival and cost $35 for UK citizens (varies for other nationalities) and it works out cheapest and easier to pay in US dollars
  • Malaria is prominent throughout Laos, especially along the Mekong River, so taking malaria prevention tablets is strongly recommended


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