6 ways to fall in love with Slovenia

The old world charm of Ljubljana

It may be one of Europe’s smallest capitals but Ljubljana is packed with a fairytale like charm that’s hard not to fall for. The centre is array with cobbled streets, beautiful architecture and bustling cafes that line the picture perfect river. It might have enjoyed somewhat of a tourism renaissance in recent years but Ljubljana remains one of Europe’s most underrated cities.


The magical fairytale of Lake Bled

If Disney designed lakes I’d imagine it would like a little something like Lake Bled. This picture perfect lake has become somewhat of a tourist trap over recent years but just one look at the photos and it’s pretty obvious why. The ethereal charm, effortless romance and breathtaking beauty should be enough to put Lake Bled firmly on everyones bucket list.

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Walk over crystal clear waters at Vintgar Gorge

Just 4km uphill from Bled lies the stunning Vintgar Gorge. Flanked by forest each side the crystal clear Radovna River cuts through the gorge in rapids, waterfalls and pools before culminating at the picturesque 16m tall Šum Falls. This little gem of nature can be enjoyed from a wooden walkway which criss crosses its way over the 1.6km length of the gorge.

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Stay in a rustic mountain hut in the Julian Alps

Often described as the French Alps 20 years ago, the Julian Alps are  beautifully unspoilt with breathtaking scenery. This undeveloped gem is characterised by its limestone peaks, alpine forests, emerald streams, rocky gorges and fairytale lakes. Dotted throughout the region are 170 traditional mountain huts which offer food, drink and a bed after a hard days hiking.

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Get active

Slovenia is without question an outdoor destination and with  no shortage of mountains, rivers and forests it’s perfect for those seeking an adventure.  Paragliding, climbing, canyoning, white water rafting, kayaking…  the list could go on and on!

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The food

Nestled between the world famous cuisine of Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, Slovenia takes the best of all these to make its wonderfully traditional dishes with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. From classic pastries such as the kremna rezina found only in Bled to the traditional Slovenian sausages like the  kranjska klobasa, there’s a little something for everyone.



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