The prettiest village you ever did see

Nowhere does quaint quite like the Cotswolds and nestled right at the southern tip is Castle Combe. Dubbed the prettiest and most picturesque village in England Castle Combe is quintessentially British and the epitome of the ‘chocolate box’ village. With its honey coloured cottages, dry stone walls and winding streets this small village is filled with Cotswold charm.  Seeing as a picture is worth a thousand words I hardly need explain why Castle Combe wins the coveted title of prettiest village in England…

The village prospered thanks to the wool trade in the 15th century and remains relatively untouched since. With no electric street lamps or TV aerials in sight Castle Combe is definitely a village stuck in the past and is all the better for it. The 14th century market cross remains the heart of the village, complete with the original stone steps where riders would dismount and tie up their horses while they browsed the market. It really is the scene of an English fairytale, perfectly capturing the appeal of village life.

IMG_4797 copy


If you’re looking to visit, Chippenham is the closest train station just a short bus journey from Castle Combe. Just remember that it is a pretty small village but there are two great traditional pubs to grab some lunch and some wonderful walks in the surrounding area to fill your afternoon with. By the end of your visit you can hardly be blamed for wanting to leave the city life behind for a simpler life as a sheep farmer in this lovely village!



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